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rackmount ([personal profile] rackmount) wrote2016-05-05 11:49 am

Real Estate

We're probably moving.

We got an offer from a developer to buy our house for $100k more than we paid for it. I'm not enjoying the house-hunting though. My needs and J's are diametrically opposed (I want in town and walkable, he needs out of town and inaccessible). We saw a place that was relatively cheap, income with no work (rented parking lot!), and right in the middle of everything, and we had to pass it up. It was gorgeous, 100+ years old, wide beam floors, a little small, but really really nice.

The other major issue is that he's pissed off that he can't live the high life. If he were well, it would be a different story, but I have no reason to believe he'll live for mroe than 10 more years. I can't deal with something we can't pay off or at least that I can't rent out. He's looking at 1M+ homes, and I'm like, here's a 700k one, right in town, lovely, with income. Why not? The property taxes on our little starter house are already near 10k/year, so even if we pay something off, it's not like it's free and clear.

And this also means we're likely to stay here for a lot longer. I've finally sort of decided that that's probably best. It isn't what I want really, but I've sort of noped out of so much else that I'm not basically functioning at all. We're more or less doing it for the schools. If we moved to another area, schooling is going to continue to be on the order of 40-60k per year, and that's not something we can handle, given that J's illness also keeps our costs high. Harvard is probably hiring a bunch in 2020 and thereafter, so there's still a chance there.

Things are not quite as bad as all that. I have someone I spend time with here, finally. Not really someone who would have made the cut back in the day, but I guess that's what most people do as they age. I figure I've got maybe 3-4 more years until the kids get old enough that I can get an apartment in the city again.